Monday, July 21, 2008

Why CRM Doesn't Work

Remember all the money your association spent on Customer Relationship Management software to segment markets and inform product development? Guess what. It doesn't work all that well. The new media has turned it around. There is still a relationship to be managed, but now it's your members/customers that want to do the managing. Forget about slicing and dicing every demographic permutation of every transaction to discern your members product needs. Just ask them. They'll tell you. They might even build the product for you. You won't get this from parsing data. You'll get it by engaging in conversations and asking them what they want. Oh, only thing is, they've already told each other and anyone else who is listening. Frederick Newell, author of some early books on CRM examines the subject of CMR--Customer Managed Relationships in his latest book.

Read the book: Why CRM Doesn't Work: How to Win by Letting Customers Manage the Relationship By Frederick Newell.