Monday, August 11, 2008

List of Associations using Social Media

Interested in how other associations are using social media and Web 2.0 tools to connect with members? The site Association Social Media Wiki by Principled Innovation provides a list of associations and the tools they are using. In true social media form, they are using a wiki to build the site.
Note: congrats to PI on the domain name Wish I'd bought it.

The site presently lists and links to about 108 associations. A nice feature is the sort by category page where you can see a breakdown of how many associations are using the different tools. Blogs are by far the most popular tool in use with about 72 of 108 reporting blogs. Podcasts are next most common with 30. After that things drop off dramatically. The site is worth a look and please add your associations activities to the list.

I'm not sure what to make of the prepondance of blogs and podcasts in the list.
I like them and think they have a place in assocation communications. However, my take on association blogs and podcasts is that although they are considered social media, they are still largely one-way communications. If you look at most association blogs, they still mirror the style of the news/update. Comments are infrequent. Topics come from the association blogger. Theres not a lot of 2 way communication going on in most association blogs. Maybe I'm old school, but I still like forums with threaded discussions. The great thing about forums is that topics are created ad hoc by members and commented on by other interested members. People get to know each other through forums. I know that many associations have forums. Forums may not be a category that they are tracking. Hey, it's a wiki. I could add that. Hm...just did.

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