Monday, June 15, 2009

Twitterfall #iranelection

#iranelection, is amazing, breathtaking, not to be missed. Feed @.5 sec can't keep up. Cached tweets are at 700 in 4 minutes.

"change yr Twitter settings to show GMT +03:30 Tehran as your timezone & change home city to Tehran; confuse Iranian censors"

"Don't RT any more request to change location and time zones to #tehran It may confuse the protesters as well , enough already STOP !"

FreePersians Proxy list here: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LET INFO OUT OF IRAN xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - IN FARSI #IranElection #iran99 #gr88 #tehran HAIL XENU! RT!

"Don't RT proxy lists!"

Ed. comment--this is one disorganized, messy revolution.

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