Tuesday, March 2, 2010

“Tell me about your mother.” Psychoanalyzing your association.

If you could put your typical member on the psychologist’s couch, how would the conversation go? The answers might surprise you.
“I worry everyday that a decision I make might cause harm, cost money, or cause me to lose my job.”

“I’m excited everyday by the possibilities of new ideas and how I can be part of advancing my profession.”

What’s the psychological temperament of your association? Do they feel empowered? Are they looking ahead with enthusiasm? On the industry stage, do they “own the table”? Or have they traditionally been second class citizens, maybe at the table, but crying to be heard? Do they see themselves as leaders or have they relegated themselves to collaborators and contributors? Do they support and advocate or do they lead from a throne of wisdom, power, and experience?

If you organization is made up of followers, it is your job to make them into leaders.

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