Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is Facebook All It's Cracked Up To Be?

A good article in my email today via ASAE's TechnoScope.
Author Robert A. Murphy talks about his experience setting up a Facebook page for the Optical Society of America. His article address generational issues in establishing a Facebook presence for your association. He offers detail on:

Three Ways to Make Facebook Work
1. Push the group page continually.
2. Create content or a reason that can only be accessed through Facebook.
3. Take advantage of the component in Facebook that allows you to add applications.

Article Lead:
By Robert A. Murphy
Though it may be tempting to create a Facebook page for your organization, it's critical to do your research before signing on. Your association may benefit from creating a page on Facebook and similar social networks, but first you must determine what you hope to achieve in creating the page. Be sure your presence on a network adds value for your members before you make the leap.
ASAE Members can Read Full Story.

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