Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Leveraging Twitter and Other Social Media

Twitter is still the hot topic among association social media followers. The discussion is moving beyond "Is it good for anything?" to discussion of how to use it. I've been a Twitter user for a couple of weeks now. My Twitter feed updates to this blog and to several other sites. I have a couple of followers. Add Tweeting to my obligations.

I came across a really nice presentation by Shaun Dakin entitled Issue Advocacy Using Social and Traditional Media - from Twitter to MSNBC in 24 Hours that I recommend. He talks about how he used Twitter in concert with other social media to establish his own authority on a topic, create buzz, and build a network around his issue.

Upshot is, you can use Twitter in combination with other social media to flood the search hive-mind for your 15 minutes. But it is hard work.. Remember the good old days when all you had to do was load a page with invisible keywords to score a page 1 search return. :<)

Kidding aside, Shaun has some good, practical advice here along with other case studies of Twitter use by companies and organizations. He also provides info on some useful tools like Twitter search and Tweetdeck and others. I won't list them all. If you are interested in how your assocaiation can use Twitter in combination with social and other media, Shaun's presentation is worth your time.

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